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We offer:

  • Professional advice 

  • Transparent offers 

  • Solid contracts

That's why we're good at flexleasing

Through our collaboration with the country's largest financing companies, we can bring you closer to your dream car on the best terms and at the sharpest prices in the country.

Flexleasing is best suited for expensive cars - if you have found a car that you would like to lease, we can help you get started!

The offers can be tailored to your specific wishes regarding down payment, residual value, and duration. We work closely with financing companies to ensure as solid agreements as possible - so you as a customer can feel safe in the transaction.

We also offer assistance in selling the car after the end of the leasing period.

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We'll pick up the car for you

Are you sitting there having found exactly the car you are looking for, with the perfect equipment?

We can help you import it from abroad.

We have a broad network and almost always use authorized dealers when importing cars internationally. 

This way we can ensure that you get the absolute best vehicle.

Tryghed med CarGarantie

If you want extra security against unexpected mechanical repair costs, we can help you with a CarGarantie.

Why do we recommend a CarGarantie?

  • Comprehensive protection against repair costs
  • Liquidity protection in case of repair
  • Valid throughout Europe
  • Increases the value of your car

One can be unlucky when buying a used car, situations may arise that require repair. To prevent unexpected repair costs from blowing your budget, we offer this service when you buy a used car, whether it's Flexleased or not.

​We take your old car in exchange

Your old car can be used as part of the down payment for the new car.

We have a wide network of dealers, which is why we offer a fair price for all kinds of brands regardless of age and mileage.

So don't hesitate to stop by with your old car when you shop new with us!

Get inspired

Flexleasing is best suited for cars over DKK 300,000.-

You can find inspiration on websites like mobile.de & autoscout24.de.

Here you will find a wide selection on the German market, and a good transparency regarding prices, which can be a great benchmark when setting a residual value for the lease, in collaboration with you and the financing company.

Contact us, or stop by Rafn-Larsen Automobiler

No matter whether you need a repair, damage repair or installation of extra equipment, you can safely leave your car with us.

Rafn-Larsen Automobiler A/S

We are an Authorized Mazda, Subaru & Isuzu Dealership & Workshop. We have the best and latest know-how and expertise to take care of your car.

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