Car detailing / Car wash

We offer professional detaling of your car!

The preparation packages are divided into 3 different categories, depending on how thoroughly you want us to be.


Package 1 - Weekend Ready / DKK 595.-

Hand washing of the car including insect removal, thorough cleaning of the wheels, vacuuming, window polishing, and tire shining

Package 2 - The Annual  / DKK 995.-

As "Package 1," but more thorough, and including cleaning of door edges and seals, paint cleaning, paint sealing, and vinyl/plastic care

Package 3 - Luxury / DKK 2.495.-

As "Package 2," but including machine polishing of the car, thorough cleaning of seats and mats with subsequent impregnation of these 

Your car loves to be cared for and maintained

A well-maintained car lasts longer - and has a much greater value. A professional preparation helps ensure this for your car.

It can be a good idea to get your car professionally prepared after a winter, as winter can be tough on a car that, for example, has not been stored in a garage.

It also makes a lot of sense to get a professional preparation of your car before the harsh winter season. With the right treatment and preparation, you can minimize the risk of rust on your car.

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