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We even store the wheels for you, for only 125 DKK/month.

If you don't need storage, but rather a quick wheel change - we offer this too.

Wheel change costs 298 DKK while you wait - and we offer free coffee in the meantime!

Remember to book a tire fitting in good time.

We recommend changing from winter to summer tires around April 10th and from summer to winter tires around October 10th.

It's not a good idea to wait until the first snowfall to switch to winter tires.

Additionally, it's advantageous to have winter tires on when there's a lot of water on the roads. Read more about winter and summer tires below.

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What is a tire change anyway - and what is a wheel change? 

Maybe you don't know the difference between a tire change and a wheel change. You are not alone. For many, it can be confusing and a difficult area to navigate. We try to explain the difference briefly here:

Wheel change: When it comes to a wheel change, both the tire and the rim - together forming the whole wheel - are removed (and mounted). Seasons are the immediate primary reason to change the wheels on your car.

Tire change: With a tire change, new tires are simply mounted on your car's rims. Reasons for a tire change can be a puncture or tire wear.

Why should I switch to summer/winter tires?

It is extremely important that you always ensure that your car has the best possible road grip.

Your car must have good road grip both in winter and summer. Therefore, it is necessary that you have the right tires.


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​The importance of winter tires

Winter tires have a deeper tread pattern than summer tires. This gives winter tires better grip on the road, as it ensures that snow and water do not accumulate. If you drive with summer tires in the winter, you may risk doubling the braking distance. This is a crucial difference for your safety and that of others.

At just 50 km/h, your stopping distance (reaction time + braking distance) is approximately 30 meters, and if it is doubled to 60 meters because the car is essentially skidding, the risk of accidents is much higher.

The importance of summer tires

Summer tires are harder than winter tires and have a smoother surface. In short, this provides a better driving experience and better grip on the road in warm weather. If you drive with winter tires in the summer, it does not have the same significant consequences as the opposite combination.

Nevertheless, it can have quite serious consequences. You are unnecessarily and heavily wearing down your winter tires by driving with them in the summer - and therefore they wear out faster. The more worn out your winter tires are, the poorer grip they provide. In addition, you will also need to invest in new winter tires more frequently.

What about all-season tires?

All-season tires are in the name - they are wheels that you can use almost all year round. It can be an advantage if you want to save money on wheel changes and multiple sets of wheels.

But you should be aware that all-season tires are a compromise as they are a combination of both summer and winter tires, and therefore have both advantages and disadvantages as described before.

Even very good all-season tires are not as good as winter tires. If you are willing to not use your car as much during the winter months and can leave it parked on days with worse snow, slush, and frost conditions, then all-season tires can be optimal for you.

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