Mechanical Workshop

Authorized Mazda, Subaru & Isuzu Workshop

Our mechanical workshop at Energivej 16 in Ballerup is centrally located near the entrance roads to Copenhagen. We cover a large geographic area and feel a natural obligation to provide broad technical assistance in all areas and the most necessary services for most car brands. Therefore, our modern workshops include both a mechanical workshop, a large body shop, and an extensive spare parts inventory.

At the same time, we only use original and brand-approved products and technology. This provides the best, most environmentally friendly, and reliable solutions for both customers and staff.

At the mechanical workshop, we have skilled and specialized Mazda, Subaru & Isuzu technicians who are trained to use the latest equipment to perform the prescribed measurements and adjustments quickly, precisely, and efficiently, so that the stay at Rafn-Larsen Automobiler is as short as possible.

Electric cars / Plugin-Hybrids (PHEV)

Manufacturers have high requirements for staff training for electric cars.

Our specialized technicians are continuously trained, ensuring that they are always up to date with the latest technology. The technology changes rapidly from day to day, and manufacturers quickly add changes to electrified cars to optimize them for car owners. 

Our computers and testers are always up to date to ensure that your car is also up to date.

If you have bought your car from another dealer and are unsure if your car is updated with the latest software releases, you are always welcome to drive by us and have it checked.


It shouldn't be expensive to visit an authorized workshop.

We keep ourselves up to date with the price level on the market to ensure that our prices are fair and good.


You have just bought a car - for many people, the second-largest investment in life.

As with the purchase, the price is quite significant.

It is also significant when you sell your car one day. Make sure that your car's service book is correctly completed, stamped, and reviewed by an authorized workshop, and we guarantee that the buyer will love it - and pay for it.

Modern engines are extremely complex and must perform at their best when it comes to fuel economy and CO2. Therefore, the demand for lubricity is higher than ever before.

Extend your car's life, reduce future workshop expenses and repairs.

Price match - of course.

Other car brands

If you are a happy Mazda, Subaru, or Isuzu owner and have a Skoda, Kia, or Nissan in the family or neighborhood, we can also handle the task.

Much of our staff has previously worked with virtually all car brands here in Denmark.

Pickup / Delivery / Transportation

Can be arranged by appointment. Call us at +45 44 77 15 00.

The Malmparken station is located within 400 meters walking distance from us, where both S-trains and buses run continuously.

Contact us, or stop by Rafn-Larsen Automobiler

No matter whether you need a repair, damage repair or installation of extra equipment, you can safely leave your car with us.

Rafn-Larsen Automobiler A/S

We are an Authorized Mazda, Subaru & Isuzu Dealership & Workshop. We have the best and latest know-how and expertise to take care of your car.

Opening hours​

Workshop and spare parts

Monday - friday

08.00 - 16.00​

Sales department

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Energivej 16, 2750 Ballerup


Telephone: +45 44 77 15 00