Privatleasing tilbud

​Safe and manageable car finances

Private Lease is the safe and easy way to get a new Mazda.

We have selected a range of our most popular and well-equipped models and put together an attractive leasing package.

Private-lease your car for 36 months with a down payment and a monthly leasing fee. Service, new car warranty and Mobility Service are included in the price. The monthly fee depends on the chosen model, the annual mileage and any additional equipment such as metallic paint. Each month, you receive everything on one invoice."

The benefits of private leasing are many

  • Everything is included on one invoice
  • Service is included in the monthly fee
  • You don't have to worry about the car's resale value
  • The car is covered by the factory warranty throughout the leasing period
  • The car is covered by mobility service throughout the leasing period."​

Worth knowing 

All you need to do is ensure that the car is serviced on time at an authorized workshop and maintain it in good condition. Fuel, taxes, and insurance are not included in the leasing fee. 

At the end of the lease period, you simply return the car to your dealer, and if you wish, you can pick up a brand new car and start a new leasing period.

Private leasing is a flexible and easy solution for those who prefer to drive a car rather than own it. 

Contact your dealer for more information or to book a test drive.

Business leasing

Financial or operational leasing?

Own or lease?

We offer Denmark's most competitive solutions for both options!

We tailor the solutions to your specific needs, so you choose how much you want to put in down payment, term, and residual value.

This way, you can hit a monthly fee that suits you and your company.

Applies to both Mazda, Subaru & Isuzu cars!

Contact the sales department at +45 44 77 15 00 or info@rafn-larsen.dk and learn more.

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